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Bentwood-yurt Prices

Sleeps four

Nightly rate - £80.00

Weekend rate (Friday & Saturday night) - £180

The Bentwood yurt, or 'oba' as it is called in its native region of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, has a wonderful sense of 'space'. It has been built on a platform, giving it an elevation which allows a fine view, and is located on the fringes of a mixed woodland. A 'raised' glamping holiday experience in West Wales.
byThe wooden frame for the Bentwood yurt is made of oak, the covering is made from canvas and it has a marquee lining on the inside which softens the interior of the yurt. giving it a warm and homely feeling. The wood flooring is made from locally sourced larch trees.

Inside the Bentwood Yurt      
The Bentwood yurt has a cast iron wood stove which gives out plenty of heat, even in the depths of winter, and is furnished with three pine beds - two singles and a double. Comfortable mattresses, covers and pillows are supplied, together with a chest full of blankets if its get a little cold. There are also shelves, a low table and a two ringed calor gas burner and cooking equipment. Soft lighting, sheepskins, rugs and cushions create a comfortable and superb place to relax and unwind from the chaos that is the world today!

bentwoodurt4Outside the yurt there is a campfire area, wooden benches and a picnic bench.



Swansea Bay Accommodation of the Year 2014

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