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As a family we have lived at Larkhill for twenty five years. We’re in quite an isolated location and the nearest electric supply is over half a mile and £25,000 away! Having made the monumental decision to live here we then had to address our power supply. So – wind, sun, water? We initially ruled out water power as we felt that the supply would have been inadequate, and decided that, living as we do on the top of a hill, wind would be the best option. We erected two small furlmatic wind generators, and a few years later installed two solar panels that have proved to be a brilliant source of energy – when the sun shines!

Both wind and solar panels are channeled into batteries to supply a 24 volt electrical system. We’ve had some hilarious times (and some totally frustrating times) using this system and have managed to live a relatively normal life style, having all the mod cons from washing machine to computer.

We have since added four more solar panels - half the size of the original ones but producing the same amount of power and have also installed two 1 kw Future Energy wind turbines to replace the two small furlmatic wind generators.

It has taken nearly 20 years for us to get water power underway but at long last a water wheel is in place. We're not getting a huge amount of power from the system - only when we have a good deluge - but its a constant supply which trickles into the battery system.  If you are interested in alternative energy we’d be only too pleased to show you how our system works.


Swansea Bay Accommodation of the Year 2014

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